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As the seasons get hotter here in Arizona, the dust starts to pick up in our homes. Cobwebs are even more apparent once the dust and debris from outside get caught in them. The little “presents” spiders leave behind are not only unpleasant but harbor allergens harmful to you and your family. Prescott Maid to Order discusses how to keep cobwebs out of your Prescott home.

The importance of dusting regularly
Once a spider dies or finds a new home, it leaves it’s sticky web behind for new neighbors (dust, dirt, allergens, etc.) to move in. It’s free real estate for these small particles unless you dust regularly.

Dusting is extremely important if you want to keep your household healthy, but that can be hard to keep up with. When dusting, start from the top-most parts of your house, like the ceiling fans, the edges where the ceiling and walls meet, and any high ledges. Then, work your way down to the lower areas, from window blinds to baseboards. Make sure to clean the air conditioning vents as well, since they are responsible for circulating the air (and dust particles) around your home.

How to prevent cobwebs
Since spiders are the source of cobwebs, preventing their existence in your house is key. Here is a good way to keep spiders (and other pests) from making homes in your home:

  • Regular cleaning: Vacuuming up webs and spiders eliminates two issues at once.
  • Vinegar: Mix water and distilled white vinegar in a spray bottle and spray common culprit areas like window sills, corners, baseboards, and behind couches.
  • Pest control: They are experts in keeping the bugs away. A pest control service could come out monthly or every six months (depending on your needs for pest prevention) and spray the border of your house to prevent an invasion.
  • Window seals: If windows are properly sealed, they not only stop the little creepy crawlies from getting in, but also keep the cool air inside your home.

Keeping up on dusting is a tedious and time consuming chore, but one that is necessary to prevent cobwebs and the spiders that create them. Hiring a professional cleaning service can help you have a clean and pest-free home while you enjoy more time with your family. Don’t spend any more time cleaning! To schedule a free estimate for cleaning your Prescott home, call Prescott Maid to Order today at 928-899-8518. Learn more about all our services at

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