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Carpet Cleaning

Does your carpet need a refresh? Do you have a trouble area? A spot that just will not go away or keeps coming back? Then you should schedule a free consultation with Prescott Maid to Order today!

Our carpet cleaning process meets industry standards and we are trained to properly clean various types of carpet materials, colors, and styles. Our goal is to resurrect your carpets by cleansing them of pollutants, dirt, and grime so that they last for years to come. If you suffer from allergies, having your carpet cleaned will help in alleviating some of your symptoms as well.


Our carpet services include:

Initial Inspection and Free Consultation – Consultation and inspection of rugs, carpeted areas and our custom recommendations to best suit your wants and needs based on your carpet material and style.

Vacuum – Your carpet is vacuumed with a high-powered vacuum to remove dry soil. Edges are vacuumed to remove dust.

Spotting – Before we start the cleaning process, we take the time to treat any spots so that they will be completely removed during the cleaning process and not return.

Carpet cleaning – Remove the dirt and grime to bring out your carpet’s best color while removing any odor-causing elements trapped deep down inside.

Invigoration and Restoration Carpets – Rugs and walkways see various levels of traffic every day. High-traffic areas can become worn down, flat and heavily stained. With our Restoration service, we will invigorate and bring life back into your carpet.

After having your carpets professionally cleaned by Prescott Maid to Order, your carpet will be soft, shiny, and residue free. Carpet makers recommend a professional cleaning every 12-18 months. If pets and kids are in the house, carpets may need more frequent cleaning. Regular cleaning will keep your carpet looking good and it will last longer than an uncared for carpet.