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Disinfecting, deep clean

Covid-19 has changed our lives, our livelihoods and our businesses.  It is essential that our community does everything in it’s power to minimize the spread.  Steps need to be taken on an individual, company wide, and community wide basis to protect ourselves, our families and the public.

We have heard over and over that keeping our hands and our environment clean is a top priority AND to keep our distance from other people.  We here at Prescott Maid to Order are proactively and strategically, planning and training so that we can be here to assist our clients both residential and commercial in cleaning and disinfecting their environment.

We are in prevention mode, working with our businesses, schools, offices and residential clients to clean and kill the virus on surfaces and keeping those surfaces sanitized.  This takes careful planning and training of all of our management and employees.  Steps are in place to make sure we practice social distancing and minimize any contact with our clients.  Training is in place to make sure that every area that needs to be addressed is carefully and thoroughly cleaned and executed while also protecting the health of our employees.

Soon, hopefully, the virus will subside and we will be in clean up mode.  During this phase, we will be working with businesses, industry, schools and our residential clients to get things cleaned up and ready to bring employees back in and get homes cleaned up after the quarantine period.

We are here and available to do what it takes to keep your home an business clean and sanitized during and after this pandemic.